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Spring/Fall 2015

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Feature articles in the Spring/Fall 2015 issue include discussion of the Netherland’s Nature Scenery Act of 1928; how the romantic life of the young Gifford Pinchot changed landscape architecture; President William McKinley’s conservation record; a forgotten historic fire in Canada; the impact of the Congregational Church on the conservation movement; and an overview of wildfire on the Korean peninsula.

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Contents Spring/Fall 2015

[ i ] "Message from the President: Seventy Years Young"
"Editor's Note" by James G. Lewis
"The Nature Scenery Act of 1928 in the Netherlands"
by S. W. Verstegen
"Apollo and Shooting Star: The Youthful Correspondence of Beatrix Jones Farrand and Gifford Pinchot"
by Bibi Gaston
22 "The Great Fire of 1919: People and a Shared Firestorm in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada"
by Peter J. Murphy, Cordy Tymstra, and Merle Massie
32 "Measured Impact: William B. McKinley and Late-Nineteenth-Century Conservation"
by Char Miller
39 "Farms, Forests, and Parks and the Congregational Quest for an Equitable and Sustainable Society"
by Mark Stoll
50 "In the Line of Fire: An Overview of Wildfire in Korea"
by Stephen J. Pyne
54 "Biographical Portrait: Duane Leroy Bliss Lumber Baron of the Comstock Lode"
by Jack Harpster
59 "History on the Road: John Muir and Aldo Leopold in Wisconsin"
by Thomas J. Straka and James G. Lewis
63 Books and Films of Interest
by Jason Howard, Eben Lehman and James G. Lewis
70 Mark Your Calendar
 Annual Report
71 From the Chair
71 Treasurer's Report
73 Contributions and Project Sponsors
75 Welcome to New Members
75 Honor Roll of Members 25+ Years

76 Gifts to the Forest History Society Library
78 Awards and Fellowships
80 Publications of the Forest History Society

82 Back Cover