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Spring/Fall 2011 - Weeks Act Centennial Issue

View the table of contents for this special Weeks Act centennial edition below.

This issue explores the history, impact, and future of the 1911 Weeks Act, a law which allowed for the eastern expansion of the national forest system through the federal purchase of private lands and created the framework for cooperative fire management.

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Contents Spring/Fall 2011

[ i ] "Message from the President: 'The Weeks Act: A Watershed in Forest History'"
"Editor's Note" by James G. Lewis
"H.R. 11798: The Weeks Act"
"The Law That Nationalized the U.S. Forest Service" by Lincoln Bramwell and James G. Lewis
17 "The History of Cooperative Forest Fire Control and the Weeks Act" by Lewis F. Southard
22 "Rewilding the East: The Weeks Act and the Expansion of Federal Forestry" by Char Miller
26 "The Weeks Act as a Public Investment" by Robert G. Healy
32 "Surface and Mineral Rights and the Weeks Act" by Dave Fredley
40 "The Weeks Act: A Story of Perseverance" by Tom Tidwell
48 "Transforming the Cutover: The Establishment of National Forests in Northern Michigan" by Joseph J. Jones
56 "Establishing the Francis Marion: National Forest History in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, 1901–1936" by Al Hester
64 "The Lessons of History: Making a Case for a National Forest in Hawai'i" by John Henshaw and James G. Lewis
70 "Implementing the Weeks Act: A Lawyer’s Perspective" by James B. Snow
77 "Deconstructing the Renaissance: How the Weeks Act and Conservation Innovators Restored the Eastern Forests" by Jad Daley
83 "Trends in Forestland Ownership and Conservation" by Peter R. Stein
87 "Family Forest Owners Rule!" by Brett J. Butler
92 "The Weeks Act: A Legacy of Partnerships" by Joel Holtrop
96 "The Weeks Act and the Future of Land Conservation Policy in the United States" by V. Alvaric Sample
99 "Biographical Portrait: John W. Weeks (1860–1926)" by Iris Baird
103 "History on the Road: Asheville, North Carolina, and the Cradle of Forestry" by Bill Alexander
110 "Books and Films of Interest" by Eben Lehman and James G. Lewis

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