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Spring/Fall 2005 Issue

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Contents Spring/Fall 2005

[ i ] "Message from the President: What Memories Are We Making Today?" [PDF]
"Deep Roots: The Late Nineteenth Century Origins of American Forestry " by Char Miller, Guest Editor [PDF]
"The Necessity of Stewardship: George Perkins Marsh and the Nature of Conservation " by Nora J. Mitchell and Rolf Diamant [PDF]
10 "French Lessons: F.P. Baker, American Forestry, and the 1878 Paris Universal Exposition" by Char Miller [PDF]
16 "Pathbreaking Conservationist: George Bird Grinnell (1849-1938)" by John Rieger [PDF]
20 "Amateur Hour: Nathaniel H. Egleston and Professional Forestry in Post-Civil War America " by Char Miller [PDF]
27 "Bernhard Fernow on Forest Influences and Other Observations " by Harold K. Steen [PDF]
32 "At the Creation: The National Forest Commission of 1896-97" by Gerald W. Williams and Char Miller [PDF]
42 "Forestry by Correspondence: An 1897 Letter from Dietrich Brandis to Gifford Pinchot" by Steven Anderson [PDF]
49 "Time, Fire, and Taxes: Frederick E. Weyerhaeuser at the American Forest Congress" by James G. Lewis [PDF]
53 "Theodore Roosevelt's Cautionary Tale" by James G. Lewis [PDF]
Photo Essay
58 "Views from the National Forests" by Elizabeth Hull, James G. Lewis, and Dianne Timblin [PDF]
62 "Biographical Portrait: Fred Besley (1872-1960)" by Robert Bailey and Francis Zumbrun [PDF]
65 "History on the Road: Wisconsin's Flying Trees: Wisconsin Plywood Industry's Contribution to World War II." Sara Witter Conner and James G. Lewis [PDF]
67 Books of Interest [PDF]
71 Mark Your Calendar [PDF]
Annual Report
72 From the Chairman [PDF]
73 Treasurer's Report [PDF]
74 Contributions and Project Sponsors [PDF]
75 Gifts to the Forest History Society Library [PDF]

78 Award and Fellowships [PDF]
80 Publications of the Forest History Society [PDF]

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