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Spring 2012

View the table of contents for the Spring 2012 issue below.

Feature articles in this issue include "How the Forest Service Saved the Grand Canyon," by historian Byron Pearson; "Replanting the (Really) Lost Pines of Texas," by Claire Williams, the FHS Distinguished Scholar; and articles written for the anniversaries of the founding of the American Tree Farm System and the creation of Woodsy Owl.

Linked articles are accessible in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader).

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Contents Spring 2012

[ i ] "Message from the President: 'The Heroes of Forest and Conservation History'"
"Editor's Note" by James G. Lewis
"How the Forest Service Saved the Grand Canyon" by Byron E. Pearson
"Replanting the (Really) Lost Pines of Texas" by Claire G. Williams
16 "The American Tree Farm System: Growing Stewardship From the Roots" by Brigitte W. Johnson
22 "Woodsy Owl at 40" by Harald Fuller-Bennett and Iris Velez
28 "Biographical Portrait: Charles S. Cowan (1887-1969)" by World Forestry Center
31 "History on the Road: The Hosmer Grove at Haleakala National Park" by Steven Anderson
34 Books and Films of Interest by Eben Lehman and James G. Lewis
41 Mark Your Calendar
 Annual Report
42 From the Chairman
43 Treasurer's Report
44 Contributions and Project Sponsors

46 Gifts to the Forest History Society Library
49 Awards and Fellowships
52 Publications of the Forest History Society

54 Back Cover