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Forest History Today Magazine

Fall 2012

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Feature articles include discovery of the emerald ash borer in the U.S.; the search for Aldo Leopold's "green fire" site; why the findings of the forest surveys of the 1890s still matter; and the origins of the U.S. Forest Service slogan "Caring for the Land and Serving People." The History on the Road and Biographical Portrait columns both focus on the Crossett Experimental Forest.

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Contents Fall 2012

[ i ] "Message from the President: 'Preserving Canada's Forest History'"
"Editor's Note" by James G. Lewis
"Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me: The Emerald Ash Borer in Southeastern Michigan" by Jordan D. Marché II
"The Forest Explorers: Probing the Western Forest Reserves, 1897–1904" by Stephen F. Arno
26 "Searching for Aldo Leopold's Green Fire" by Susan Flader
35 "'Caring for the Land and Serving People': The Origins of the U.S. Forest Service Motto" by Lou Romero
40 "Biographical Portrait: The Founding Fathers of the Crossett Experimental Forest" by Don C. Bragg
45 "History on the Road: A Mapped History of the Crossett Experimental Forest" by Don C. Bragg
54 Books and Films of Interest by Eben Lehman and James G. Lewis
61 Mark Your Calendar
 Annual Report
62 From the Chairman
63 Treasurer's Report
64 Contributions and Project Sponsors

66 Gifts to the Forest History Society Library
69 Awards and Fellowships
72 Publications of the Forest History Society

74 Back Cover