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1998 Issue

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Contents 1998

2 "Aldo Leopold's Legacy to Forestry" by Susan Flader [PDF]
6 "Timber Users, Timber Savers: Homestake Mining Company and the First Regulated Timber Harvest" by Richmond L. Clow [PDF]
12 "National Forests and the Performance of the Organic Act of 1897" by John Fedkiw [PDF]
18 "The Cradle of Forestry: Where Tree Power Started" by Harley E. Jolley [PDF]
21 "Roots of American Forestry Education: Trials and Tribulations at Cornell University" by James Lassoie, Raymond Oglesby, and Peter Smallidge [PDF]
Photo Stories
26 Public Opinion as a Forest Fire Extinguisher: Some Suggestions for Every Owner of Standing Timber Who Seeks a Reduction of His Fire Losses by Robson Black [PDF]
29 A Short History of International Paper: Generations of Pride [PDF]
35 The Collins Almanor Forest: An Experiment in Sustainable Forestry compiled by Steven Anderson [PDF]
39 When Is a Landscape Natural? by Douglas W. MacCleery [PDF]
42 History on the Road: The Cradle of Forestry in America [PDF]
43 FHS Books of Interest [PDF]
45 Awards and Fellowships [PDF]
46 In Memoriam [PDF]
Annual Report
47 Letter from the Chairman [PDF]
48 Treasurer's Report: 1998 Balance Sheet [PDF]
49 Contributions and Project Sponsors [PDF]
51 Gifts to the Forest History Society Library 1997/98 [PDF]
52 Forest History Society Publications/Productions [PDF]