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Estate Planning

The Forest History Society (FHS) is the only international organization solely dedicated to preserving forest and conservation history and to bringing a historical context to environmental decisionmaking. Leaving a legacy to the Society is a lasting gift that enables FHS to continue its vital work in providing essential historical information about relationships between people, forests, and the environment.

Forest stream in Washington State. USFS photo.

By providing the Forest History Society with an outright gift or including us in a will or trust, you can continue to help make a difference for those who follow. Your gift to the Society can:

  • Make a lasting contribution to the Forest History Society.
  • Reduce your income taxes.
  • Reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.
  • Reduce gift and estate taxes.
  • Provide income for yourself and others.
  • Direct your dollars to charities of your choice rather than the government.

All those who make a planned gift become members of the Forest History Society Circle of Stewards, which recognizes individuals who give cash, real estate, or other assets directly in a will, trust, or life insurance policy. The Society will work with you to create a life income plan or to tailor a gift that will reflect your principles and carry on your special hopes for your family and the world's forests.

Your planned gift to the Society supports FHS programs in:

Scholarship -- enable studies and publications related to forest conservation.

Public Policy -- Help media and policymakers make informed decisions by providing access to historical lessons.

Archives -- Support the Society's rich collection of rare photographs and collections from individual foresters, as well as industry and conservation organizations with worldwide interests.

Oral History -- Support oral histories that capture the experiences of public and private forestry and conservation leaders. Such information is found nowhere else in the historical record.

Camping, Salmon National Forest, Idaho. USFS photo by Leland Prater, 7/29/1964.
Source: FHS Photograph Collection

Educational Outreach -- Introduce young people and adults to the basic lessons of forest and conservation history through in-class programs and lecture series.

There are many different ways of giving associated with estate planning, and they all provide for future generations.

Boy examining tree seedlings which will be planted by hand. American Forest Institute photo.
Source: FHS Photograph Collection

Bequests -- Name the Forest History Society in your will.

Name a Beneficiary -- Designate the Society as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, insurance policy, or financial account.

Charitable Remainder Trust -- Provide income to the Society now and maximize the assets passed on to your heirs.

Appreciated Assets -- Donate appreciated securities, land or timber, insurance policies, and other real or personal property.

For more information about a gift to the Forest History Society that would provide income to you or another beneficiary, protect current income while providing for retirement, or increase inheritance benefits to your family while contributing to the Forest History Society, please contact:

Steve Anderson, President
Forest History Society, Inc.
701 William Vickers Avenue
Durham, N.C. 27701-3162
Tel.: (919) 682-9319
Fax: (919) 682-2349

Information provided by the Forest History Society is not intended to be tax or legal advice. Please consult a qualified financial advisor before making a gift.

Updated: June 27, 2012