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Fellows of the Forest History Society

The Forest History Society (FHS) bestows the honorary title of "Fellow of the Forest History Society" on persons who have provided many years of outstanding leadership and service to the Society or many years of outstanding sustained contributions to the research, writing, or teaching of forest, conservation, or environmental history. This honor is the Society's highest award and is only given occasionally, sometimes posthumously. Many Fellows were former FHS presidents or former members of the FHS Board of Directors.

Forest History Society Fellows

Below are listed the names and induction years of the elite group of people whom the Forest History Society Board of Directors have honored as FHS Fellows over the last half century.

Ben S. Allen (1959)
Kenneth A. Armson (2010)
William D. Baughman (2007)
Theodore C. Blegen (1963)
Hugh P. Brady (1973)
Edgar B. Brannon, Jr. (2007)
Ovid M. Butler (1962)
Herman H. Chapman (1961)
C. Raymond Clar (1963)
Marion Clawson (1984)
Henry E. Clepper (1972)
Thomas R. Cox (1985)
William J. Cronon (2007)
Samuel Trask Dana (1956)
Lynn Weyerhaeuser Day (1984)
MacDonald S. Denman (1961)
Thomas R. Dunlap (2007)
Paul M. Dunn (1972)
Bernhard E. Fernow (1961)
Susan Flader (1998)
Emanuel Fritz (1966)
George A. Garratt (1974)
Thomas H. Gill (1972)
William B. Greeley (1956)
Yvan Hardy (2010)
Samuel P. Hays (1985)
Ralph W. Hidy (1972)
Stanley F. Horn (1972)
Ralph S. Hosmer (1958)
Dard Hunter (1956)
Alvin J. Huss (1987)
William H. Hutchinson (1977)
Lucy Rosenberry Jones (2016)
Frank H. Kaufert (1976)
Royal S. Kellogg (1963)
Jay P. Kinney (1959)
August C. Krey (1958)
Bryan Latham (1959)
Rodney C. Loehr (1966)
Arthur R.M. Lower (1986)
Walter F. McCulloch (1966)
H. R. MacMillan (1974)
David T. Mason (1966)
Elwood R. Maunder (1963)
Robert S. Maxwell (1972)
Frank “Char” Miller (2012)
Edward N. Munns (1959)
Clodaugh M. Neiderheiser (1976)
Cheryl P. Oakes (2015)
Robert J. Olszewski (2016)
Bernard L. Orell (1976)
Gifford Pinchot (1961)
Harold T. Pinkett (1975)
Richard L. Porterfield (2012)
Leland J. Prater (1976)
Stephen J. Pyne (2007)
William G. Reed (1980)
William G. Robbins (2009)
Robert A. Rogers (1985)
Hal K. Rothman (2006)
William D. Rowley (2007)
Heinrich Rubner (1985)
Charles H. Sage (1959)
Henry Schmitz (1974)
John F. Shanklin (1975)
Robert E. Slaughter (1958)
Harold K. "Pete" Steen (2007)
Larry W. Tombaugh (2010)
R. Scott Wallinger (2013)
Carl A. Weyerhaeuser (1977)
F. E. Weyerhaeuser (1959)
Frederick J. Weyerhaueser (2007)
Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser (1966)
George H. Weyerhaeuser (2007)
Gerald W. Williams (2014)
Herbert I. Winer (1984)