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to National & State History and Social Studies Standards


8000 years of American Prehistory

How did Native Americans manage the landscape?

From Forest
to Farm and
Back Again

How did pioneer farmers manage the landscape?

Fueling the Fires
of American Industrialization

How did industrialization affect the landscape?

Arbor Day
to Earth Day

How did citizens react to the effects of industrialization?

Map of North America

A New
Profession Takes Seed

How and why did the profession of forestry develop?

From Forest
to Farm
to Urban Forest

How has urban development affected the forest?

Trees in
Your Own
Back Yard

How have trees improved our neighborhoods and schoolyards?

Living in a
Global Forest

How has globalization affected our forests?

Wildfire in Yellowstone
Maple Syrup Days in IL

Fire: Fight, Flight, or Coexistence?

How have wildfires influenced our lives?

The Significance of Private Forests in the U.S.

What have private forestlands contributed to American society?

Behind the Scenes: Forest & Forest Product Research

How have researchers enabled us to make better use of forest resources?